Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

For Airport Pick-ups: We track and monitor all incoming flights, provided we have the flight number.

Driver Updates: Passengers and there booking agents will get TEXT messages and EMAILS (if provided) with driver Name and Number. It will have the status of the driver. For example “Driver on the way”, “Driver on location”, “Passenger in Car” and “Passenger Dropped off”.

 Please note: We will always do an Express Pick-up unless Meet and Greet pick-up is requested or instructed by the office.

CURBSIDE / Express PICK-UP (NO FEE): We recommend Curbside (Outside) pick up for our clients who travel frequently with one bag or less. Our professional Chauffeurs normally wait for our customers outside the airport. After contact is established via cell phone and the passenger is ready to be picked up, the driver will pull up the vehicle to curbside (Outside the terminal) with the name sign in the window.

Meet and Greet Airport pick-up ($25 FEE): Our chauffeur will park his vehicle and meet you inside of the airport terminal. He will be holding a personalized name sign so that he is easily identifiable.

Domestic Flights – Passengers will meet the chauffeur inside the terminal in the baggage claim area.

International Flights – Passengers will meet the chauffeur inside the terminal outside of Customs.

WAIT TIME:At the airport, Waiting Time Starts after the first 1/2 Hr of the Estimated Flight Arrival time for Domestic Flights and 45 minutes after the Estimated time of Arrival of International Flights; $1/per minute (Sedan) and $2/per minute (SUV and other vehicles)  will apply after the allotted grace period. We suggest that if a passenger does not see the chauffeur, they collect their bags and call the office. Our office staff will gladly connect you to your Chauffeur or direct you to the designated meeting area.

  1. A Cancellationfee equal to the total trip cost including gratuity will be charged for any cancellation that is made less than 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time
  2. Company is not liable in the event of mechanical breakdown while in a vehicle and will only be responsible for making up lost time at a mutually agreed date
  3. The client assumes full financial liability for any damage to a vehicle caused during the duration of the rental by them or any members of their party. The driver has the right to terminate the ride without refund if there is blatant indiscretion on the part of the client(s).
  4. Overtime paywill apply ($1/per minute (Sedan) and $2/per minute (SUV and other vehicles)) after the first 15 minutes of prearranged time described on the run sheet from any location other than the Airport. Refer to wait time above.
  5. Company is not responsible for delays or the termination of a ride caused by unsafe winter road conditions (i.e. not salted, accidents, etc.) and/ or traffic delays.
  6. Company is not responsible for articles or bags left behind in the vehicle. For any items that gets shipped, USPS Shipping fee plus $25 service fee will be charged. Shipping is ONLY available within the United States.
  7. Balances are to be paid on the date of the reservation before the beginning of the ride.
  8. All reservations are charged a day in advance.
  9. All over-sized vehicles require credit card authorization form, copy of credit card, any state issued ID & will be charged per hour, garage to garage.
  10. Vehicles cannot be loaded beyond seating & luggage capacity.
  11. No-Show Policy: A no show fee equal to the trip cost plus applicable waiting time, tolls, parking, and gratuity will be charged when the passenger fails to show at the designated location for which a reservation has been made. If a passenger does not see his/her driver, he/she MUST call our office to locate driver instead of arranging alternate transportation immediately
  12. Company is not responsible to pay for any missed flights of passengers
  13. We reserve the right to switch vehicles before a run based on availability without prior notice if a vehicle that was previously requested is unavailable or there is a risk of a driver not making it on time for a pick up
  14. If any changes are made to a reservation WITHIN 12 Hours of the booking time, there will be a $35 “change fee” apart from any additional fees that may apply due to the changes. Changes/modifications are not guaranteed if the company deems the requested change to affect the existing schedule of other riders. If a change to an existing reservation is denied and client wishes to cancel ride with less than 24 hours notice, full charge will apply for late cancel.
  15. Early morning (before 8:00AM) or Late night (after 10:00PM) pick up time will incur additional $15.00. For more Information please contact us.
  16. All International rides will incur an additional $75.00 booking fee.
  17. Customer (Client) agrees to the following terms and conditions of the contract – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

    1. Customer represents to be at least 18 years of age and legally capable of entering into this contract under California law.

    2. Client hereby verifies that the pickup date, time, number of passengers and billing information are correctly stated.

    3. Client hereby authorizes Revolk's Transportation Service to charge a 50% deposit, to the credit card on file, at the time of reservation, which is non-refundable. Client understands that the Limousine Company does not give refunds at anytime.

    4. Client agrees for his/her party will not exceed the passenger capacity of vehicle provided.

    5. Company will add the cost of parking expenses, tolls and overtime if applicable

    6. . Neither the company, its agents or employees shall be liable for any personal property of the customer or customer’s guests, which are misplaced, damaged or left in the vehicle. Revolk's Transportation,LLC shall not be responsible for the safe-keeping of any such item.

    7. Client assures that no passenger under 21 shall consume alcoholic beverages. SMOKING, ILLEGAL USE OF ALCOHOL (if passengers are under the age of 21), AND/OR NARCOTICS OR CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES ARE PROHIBITED AND WILL RESULTS IN ADDITIONAL CHARGES AND  IMMEDIATE TERMINATION OF THE TRIP.

    8. Revolk's Transportation, LLC shall not be liable for any damage arising out of limousine company’s inability to perform due to inclement weather, mechanical difficulties, delays due to traffic conditions or any unforeseen events beyond the reasonable control of Revolk's Transportation, LLC. If for any reason Revolk's Transportation, LLC  cannot provide the service contracted, Revolk's Transportation, LLC  liability is limited to the return of the deposit plus 5% of the total deposit.

    9. Chauffeur has the right to terminate the trip, without refund, if he/she feels that the party is not abiding by the company rules or is putting the vehicle or the chauffeur at risk.

    10. Client is responsible for any and all damages incurred to the limousine committed by his/her party during the service time, either willfully or accidental. (Rips, spills, burns, scratches or damage to the Flat Screen, DVD, stereo or other equipment.) Minimum charge of $150.00 to clean any spillage. A fee of $500 dollars will be incurred if there is any vomiting in the limo or on the limo itself.

    11. Any balance due must be paid 30 days before the event. Balance may be paid by the same credit card that the initial reservation was made (In some cases, cardholder must be present with credit card & ID upon arrival on rental date).

    12. You can also pay in full when making the reservation.

    13. Client understands the cancellation fee is $300.00 or 50% of the total reservation price (NOT DEPOSIT) whichever is greater if cancelled before 48 hours of the scheduled trip. 100% cancellation fee of the total reservation price (NOT DEPOSIT) applies if cancelled within 14 days of the scheduled trip.

    14. Client understands that there will be no eating or smoking or vaping allowed in the limousine or the trip will be TERMINATED immediately.

    15. Client understands any changes to the contract, once signed, will result in a price increase.

    16. There is only a 10 minute grace period given for point to point service.

    17. Overtime will be permitted, upon vehicle availability, and rounded off to the next hour. Availability of overtime is not guaranteed. Overtime rates are non-negotiable and will be charged to the customer according to the GPS Tracking report for each limousine. Chauffeurs’ do not have the ability to waive overtime for any reason. Overtime is charged by the hour not prorated per minute.


    18. Customer agrees to pay a late charge of 2% per month for any unpaid balance including cancellation fees and any hold harmless and indemnification provisions and other attributable damages, as set forth within this contract and shall reimburse Company for its costs of collection, including attorneys’ fees at 40% of the outstanding balance or at $275 per hour if the outstanding balance is over $3000. Attributable damages are fees set forth within this Contract and include but are not limited to: Fees for physical damages, return check fees, overtime fees etc…

    19. There will be a $100.00 charge, per person, if the number of passengers increases from the original contract. Customer herby agrees to hold company, its agents and employees harmless from any consequences of such wrongful use by customer or Customer’s guests, including the cost to defend against the same.

    20. The chauffeur inspects each vehicle before, during and after each rental. In the event of damage Customer shall be responsible for any and all harm and damages suffered by the company, its agents, employees, or third parties, including but not limited to the vehicle, in regard to cleaning, breakages, burns, or other interior or exterior damage to extent of the actual cost to repair or replace, with a minimum charge of $200.00. If customer or customer’s guest smokes inside the vehicle, customer shall be charged $400.00 and the rental will be terminated, without refund. NO EATING in the vehicles! Exterior decorations and red carpet subject to weather.

    21. Additional charges will be applied to the credit card on file to cover any damages that occur; charges are as follows: Smoking in the limousine: $500.00; Cigarette burns: $500.00; Ripped or damaged upholstery: $700.00; Spillage of drinks: $200.00; Stained Carpet: $200.00; Vomiting in or on the limousine: $500.00; Lost or broken glassware: $10.00 per glass; Lost or broken remote control: $250.00; Excessive mess in the limousine: $200.00.

    22. The company, or its designated representative, is hereby appointed customer’s attorney-in-fact to sign customer’s signature for additional charges to customer’s credit card for damages, overtime, &/or any changes due & not immediately paid by the customer & is expressly empowered & authorized to charge all costs resulting from damages to said credit card.

    23. Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence of company, its agents or employees, customer hereby waives any and all claims against company, its agents or employees for injury, loss, or damage, including consequential damages, to customer’s person or property from whatever cause. In addition, customer waives any right of subrogation with regard to the same.

    24. Customer understands and accepts that Acts of God, unforeseen traffic and severe weather conditions delay travel. There may be unexpected vehicle breakdowns and other unforeseen events beyond the control of company, for which company shall not be liable to customer. There shall be no recourse for any of the same. In the event of a vehicle breakdown, all efforts will be made to supply a replacement vehicle. If a replacement vehicle is sent &/or customer refuses a replacement vehicle, no refund is due. If no replacement vehicle is available, refund shall be limited to the amount paid by customer. In case of an emergency, the company may sub contract his rental to another limousine service. The company is not responsible to fulfill itineraries developed by the customer, which indicate a time that the customer expects to arrive at certain locations after the initial pick up time.

    25. Company reserves the right to institute and establish rules and regulations of guest conduct, which may be amended from time to time, including termination of rental, without refund, due to non compliant guest conduct.

    26. Written additions and/or alterations by the customer, without written agreement of the company, are invalid and unenforceable.